Be an Advocate

What is Advocacy?

Our mission at Community Food Bank is to end hunger in our five county service area, and that will take more than distributing food. Community Food Bank is also a voice for the families in our community that are at risk of hunger, and we advocate for effective government programs that address hunger and bring much needed resources to our hungry neighbors.

What is the Volunteer Advocacy Network?

The Volunteer Advocacy Network is a group of community volunteers/individuals that are dedicated to helping their neighbors that are at risk of going hungry. There are many different ways you can engage through the Volunteer Advocacy Network:

1. Receive e-mail Action Alerts

By signing up, you will receive action alerts in your email notifying you of ways that you can join in the fight to end hunger and advocate for your neighbors who are at risk of going hungry.

2. Enroll in our Advocacy Training Class

This is an exciting opportunity to develop advocacy skills that you can use to engage local, state and federally elected officials. Scholarships for in person visits to both Sacramento and Washington DC will be available.

3. Contact your elected officials and educate them on the issue of hunger in our community and how they can act on  legislation that affects our hungry neighbors.

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Advocacy Network, or want more information, please sign up here:

For more information on Community Food Bank's Legislative Policy Priorities Click Here

Additional Ways to Get Involved

1. Connect with the Food Bank: Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @ComFoodBankCV

2. Spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues about the work
​Community Food Bank is doing to fight hunger in our community. Invite them to join in the fight.

3. Participate in Community Food Bank events. To see a list of upcoming events, click here.

“Sometimes we have to make hard decisions. Do I buy my medicine or do I buy food?”

—Octavia, Sanger, CA