Stories of Change

  • Erik Rosales

    Despite the fact that both of his parents had full time jobs, Erik's family still had to seek the help of the Food Bank when he was growing up. Now Erik is a proud supporter of Community Food Bank and gives back to the community.   Read More

  • Joan Minasian

    After an unexpected crisis, Joan had to seek help from the Food Bank. Now she is on the Board at Community Food Bank and gives back to those who were there for her as a teen.   Read More

  • Geri Yang-Johnson

    As a child, Geri and her family received food from the Food Bank as they assimilated to the United States. Now she gives back and is a supporter of Community Food Bank.   Read More

“We are grateful for the Food Bank and the food they provide during the drought. But what we really want is work.”

—Anonymous, San Joaquin, CA